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Saturday, October 27, 2007

pdqb # 118: "lmnts" by Geof Huth

Author: Geof Huth

Title: lmnts

Date of Publication: 27 October 2007

Type of Publication: Booklet

Type of Work: Fidgetglyphs, Visual Poems

Physical Description: A 1 11/16" X 2¼" X ¼" hardbound booklet covered in colored paper, filled with 32 sheets (64 pages) of white paper, and held together with a string that wraps around the book; the recto pages of the book are handwritten in permanent purple ink; the cover of each book is of a different color:

1/6 Yellow

2/6 Yellow-Green

3/6 Light Blue

4/6 Green

5/6 Emerald Green

6/6 Brown

Number of copies: 6

pdqb number: 118

Other series numbers: None

Notes: I wrote all the fidgetglyphs for this book during a five-hour meeting at work on 24 October 2007. I wrew each of these with my favorite fountain pen, which I have filled with purple ink for the past many months, so the ink I used in this book was permanent purple art pen ink. Originally, I was not going to include the two pwoermds created on the 24th—"scighte" and "h { o [ l ( l < o > w ) i ] n } g") in the book—even though they had fidgetglyphic characteristics, but I relented once I realized that those two poems were what I needed to fill the book.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

pdqb # 117: Pumpkin Day 2007

Author: Geof Huth

Title: Pumpkin Day 2007

Date of Publication: 13 October 2007

Type of Publication: Leaflet

Type of Work: Dinner Menu

Physical Description: A single sheet of yellow 8½" X 11" paper ink-jet printed in black on one side.

Number of copies: 20

pdqb number: 117

Other series numbers: None

Note: Attendees at this event were Geof, Nancy, Erin, and Tim Huth, Jimmy Long, Denis Meadows, Laura Weiskotten, Ann Marie Przybyla, and David Lowry and Rob Gavel.

Editorial note: To simplify my day a little, I did not create today's Pumpkin Day menu in the traditional folded mini-booklet form. I just get too busy creating a feast to spend time carefully making a menu, especially since changes arise in the menu at the last moment. Erin actually printed out this menu for me just before dinner. One note on the menu, Rob Gavel made the pumpkin bisque, which was the highlight of the evening, and David Lowry, Ann Marie Przybyla, and Denis Meadows brought along plenty of the beverages listed on this sheet.

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