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Friday, July 28, 2006

pdqp # 113: "fiddlehuth # 1" by Geof Huth

Geof Huth, "fiddlehuth # 1" (28 July 2006)

Author: Geof Huth

Title: fiddlehuth # 1

Date of Publication: 28 July 2006

Type of Publication: Leaflet

Type of Work: Visual Poetry

Physical Description: A single sheet of white 8½" X 11" paper folded twice into a four-page booklet with pages 5½" X 4¼" in size; laser-printed in black.

Number of copies: 75

pdqb number: 113

Other series numbers: fiddlehuth # 1

Note: I produced this leaflet as a visual poetry handout at a MiPOesias poetry reading at Stain Bar, Brooklyn, New York, on 28 July 2006. The other readers were Nico Vassilakis and Erica Kaufman.