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Sunday, June 28, 2009

pdqb # 136: Geof Huth, "Interpenetrations: Buffalo: Huth"

Author: Geof Huth

Title: Interpenetrations: Buffalo: Huth

Date of Publication: 27 Jun 2009

Type of Publication: Reading handout

Type of Work: Poetry

Physical Description: A twelve-page saddle-stapled chapbook 7" X 8½", with white cover and black ink on white paper, printed by photocopying.

Number of copies: 60

pdqb number: 136

Note: This publication includes the text of the poems Geof Huth performed at "Interpenetrations: Buffalo," "a poetic celebration of the ending of
Interpenetrations of Views: A Conversation between Tom Beckett and Geof Huth, a yearlong interview extending 680 pages in manuscript. A mini-chapbook by little scratch pad of Buffalo, New York, also supported this performance, and that included poems created by Geof Huth and Tom Beckett during their yearlong interview.



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