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Saturday, July 10, 2004

pdqb # 100: Mango Day 2004

"Mango Day 2004." A sheet of white paper folded into a four-page leaflet 4 1/4 X 5 1/2" in size; inkjet printed in orange, black, and brown; contents include the menu for the Mango Day celebration, an explanation of Mango Day, and a list of attendees; published 10 July 2004 in an edition of 10 copies, but two previous editions (both with dating errors) preceded the true edition.

Notes on the publication:

10s predominate in the numbers associated with this leaflet.

Our meal included mango nectar, pomegranate-mango juice, mango omelets, french toast with mangos, and a mango, blueberry, kiwifruit, and redcurrant fruit salad (the last fruit fresh from our garden the day before.

Explanation of Mango Day (from the leaflet): In the Huthhold, Mango Day is the day we celebrate the beginning of summer by eating a multi-course meal, each piece of which must include mango. Tim Huth conceived of Mango Day in 2001 (based on our longstanding Pumpkin Day tradition), and we celebrated our first Mango Day in 2002. This year's was the first brunch celebration of Mango Day.

Cover of "Mango Day 2004"