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Sunday, January 09, 2005

pdqb # 104: Sweet Potato Day 2005

Author: Geof Huth

Title: Sweet Potato Day 2005

Date of Publication: 9 January 2005

Type of Publication: Leaflet

Type of Work: Dinner program and menu

Physical Description: A single sheet of high-quality bright white 8½" paper folded twice into a four-page booklet with pages 4¼" X 5½" in size; ink-jet printed in color but primarily in orange and black.

Number of copies: 12

pdqb number: 104

Other series numbers: None

Note from within the publication: On this day, the Huthhold celebrated its first-ever Sweet Potato Day, one of the family’s four seasonal feast days, by feasting on a meal that included sweet potato as an ingredient in every dish.

Attendees at this event: Geof, Nancy, Erin & Tim Huth with Jimmy Long as our guest

Cover of "Sweet Potato Day 2005"