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Saturday, July 16, 2005

pdqp # 107: foureff by Geof Huth

Geof Huth, foureff (16 Jul 2005)

Author: Geof Huth

Title: foureff: something like a performance at the Nave Gallery, Somerville, Massachusetts, 16 July 2005

Date of Publication: 16 July 2005

Type of Publication: Chapbook

Type of Work: Visual poetry, with some textual poetry

Physical Description: A 5½" X 8½" booklet, saddle-stapled; speckled ivory cover, twenty-four unnumbered pages, printed in black.

Number of copies: 60

pdqb number: 107

Other series numbers: None

Note: This booklet is the audience's "script" for a visual poetry reading and performance put on by Geof Huth on 16 July 2005.


Blogger Justin Friello said...

What font is this in? I noticed it is the font used for Tim's Graduation Party card.

4:17 PM, February 16, 2008

Blogger Geof Huth said...

It is Democratica, one of my favorites, from the Emigre type foundry.


4:21 PM, February 16, 2008


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